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  1. There’s currently 4 accepted students in the Facebook group. I also applied last year and didn’t get an interview but it has seemed like they do approx 2 interviews per month until around November. Hope this helps!
  2. Congrats!! I received my call the 10th and email the 13th. Looking forward to meeting you!
  3. Got the call yesterday I’m in!!! So beyond excited
  4. Verified by them 6/19 I had applied a week or two prior
  5. just received an email from them today stating my application is under review!
  6. I took five classes, gained 800 hours of CNA experience, and obtained my CNA2 acute care certification. It was a lot a lot of effort but I think it was worth it. Thanks so much!
  7. overall GPA: 3.6, science GPA: 3.4 4000 hours scribing, 1000 hours as a CNA this is my second time applying, I did not receive an interview last round.
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