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  1. A couple of us from the 9/28 interview received acceptance calls from Dr. Brubaker today Stay strong everyone!
  2. I'll definitely just be taking it myself...but really don't want it to look like a selfie. Seems like plenty of people just do it themselves on portrait mode on their phones.
  3. I'm from Bellingham, WA! Can't believe I got an interview. Go us! I know a couple of PAs that went to the UW PA program. Their advice for interview day was to seriously be yourself! We can't mess up too bad then right?
  4. I'll join if we set up a zoom get together before! So happy!
  5. I applied in July and just recieved an interview invite today!
  6. It sounds like you are an applicant they are closely considering either way, yay! But my guess wouldn't be competitive wise, but rather they are nudging you to Alaska because they like that you have a good connection there. Plus isn't their system yes or no, and then they just honor your top choice if there are seats left? Then offer the second if not? Not like "well, there are so many applicants already for Seattle so no interview for him at all."
  7. Same!! I'm having a hard time believing it since it was an email & not a call. But yay!!!!
  8. Oh interesting, that could be. I've been wondering why shadowing isn't listed on my page based on this thread--and yes, maybe it is because I have 20 hours with PAs.
  9. I would be surprised if it's too late. People from the 1st interview day still haven't heard back as far as I know. If a large number of acceptances were rolling in maybe, but that isn't the case at all! I'm not an expert, but in your position I would apply & wouldn't consider it wasted money. I guess compare your stats though to people who have been offered an interview already? But we know stats aren't everything.
  10. I applied mid-May and just got the email that my application is moving forward for review. Sounds like interview invites are coming out 7/20 for 8/10 interview date. Congrats to those already accepted!
  11. Yay for you! Don't be anxious about the writing sample--you'll be able to answer the questions just fine. I would say same goes for the interview. My favorite part was definitely listening to the current students chat about the program. Best of luck!
  12. Keep up the good attitude and good luck moving forward!
  13. 6 straightforward questions, 30min time limit.
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