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  1. Just got the acceptance call from the interview today
  2. I just made a Facebook page so we can all connect for those of us who are accepted/put our deposits down already! Monmouth University PA Program - Class of 2023
  3. Of course! They said you'd find out in 3 weeks, but I interviewed 10/24 and got the call 10/31, so it only took 1 week to hear.
  4. Thank you! The interview is very laid back. It will be a group consisting of you and five other candidates. Once you arrive, you have about 15 minutes to write an essay. From there, two faculty members come in for a group interview and you can ask them questions. Then, you all wait and are called back individually for an individual interview with the same two faculty members. After that, you go on a quick tour and can ask any last minute questions. Good luck!
  5. I just got the acceptance call! Good luck to everyone else interviewing and on the waitlist
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