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  1. I believe this largely depends on the school. Some schools will wait until the end of their interview cycle to give anyone any news, some will accept a few as they go and then give the majority of interviewees a decision at the end of the cycle, and some will straight up accept, deny, or waitlist interviewees throughout the entire cycle. You can typically find interview cycle timelines on schools website or looking through forums from previous schools. Most schools will not be done interviewing in July, even those that start in January will typically continue through September or later.
  2. I interviewed at UF last year and know a handful of students who just started and a few rising second years. I would not stress if you have not received a secondary review email. Last year, some people received these early, some people received them 2-3 months after submitting and then received an interview days later, and some people did not receive them at all and still received an interview. I know this was a similar trend in the year before. I’m not entirely sure why or who gets secondary review emails, but it seems random/inconsistent with interview offers. It is still very early in the process
  3. I think you have a really good shot! Just continue to work! One thing I will say about shadowing, most schools require shadowing to ensure that you know what a PA is and what a PA does in practice. As long as can articulate that you have a good understanding of what a PA does in your application/interviews, then you should be fine. This is even better if you work directly with PAs
  4. Does anybody know if the current suspension of federal student loan payments and the 0% interest rate applies to new loans being taken out? (The 0% interest rate part) I will be starting PA school next month and plan on taking out a good amount of student loans. I know the cares act only goes until September 30th, but I’m wondering if this will affect new loans if it is extended past the current date. if anyone has taken out new loans since thing began in March, has it affected your loans at all?
  5. Your stats are really great and you seem like you will be a competitive applicant as long as you applied to schools with lower PCE requirements. I would recommend doing interview prep! Look up common interview questions and have strong answers, especially to highlight your strengths and weaker areas of you application. If do not already own interview attire, definitely start looking into that now. You don’t want to try to find something to wear last minute. as for the possibility of applying next year, continue to gain PCE, volunteer, and shadow if possible. Volunteering does not have to be medical. Get a hobby that interest you and may stand out/something to talk about during an interview
  6. Schools like to see shadowing hours so they know that you have an understanding of what a PA is and what they do, but PCE hours are much more valuable than shadowing hours. Rather than saying you shadowed someone in the same clinic, explicitly work alongside x number of PAs when you describe an experience. Then a school will know that you’ve seen a PA at work without double dipping/making it look questionable/degrading your PCE.
  7. It’s not possible. Your application gets verified once you submit it to a school. You only have to submit to one school at a time, but once you submit, caspa will only calculate your GPA one time and you will not be able to go in and change your PS or any of the experiences you already listed
  8. It’s hard to say so far in advance, but many schools are accepting pass/fail classes taken in spring/summer 2020 for this upcoming application, so I’m sure they will be for future years as well. Many pre-PAs will have pass/fail on their transcripts for summer 2020 given the circumstances. It doesn’t hurt to email the schools you think you might be interested in or checking out their website.
  9. Did everyone get email confirmation after submitting their application? I submitted last week and never got any confirmation. I also got an email today saying “one more week to submit your application” when I log into my account, it says submitted, but wondering if I should have gotten some kind of confirmation
  10. Ah I gotcha, if it were me, I would try to find an accelerated MA program. I know they have them online and can be done quickly. I wouldn’t spend another 10 months just to become certified and then start working on hours. Or just go with the EMT-B since it is shorter and you can start working on hours. That is just my opinion, but of course, go with what you think you will enjoy more and what will be more meaningful for you
  11. I would recommend trying to find a job as a MA without the certification. It can be difficult but it’s definitely possible. Apply to private practices. If you already have a bachelors degree or are in college on a pre-PA track you will probably be able to find something. I worked at a derm office right out of college. A year later I moved and was able to get a job at an ENT office tho I wasn’t medical assistant certified. avoid applying to hospitals because they have more rules and regulations. Highlight any experience you have in healthcare on your resume, that will help
  12. Congratulations, that is awesome! Thank you for sharing
  13. May I ask what you mean when you say you were accepted in early April this cycle?
  14. Transfer the data if you already took the time to input it. CASPA will say it will email you when your application is ready, but it’ll only take ~24hrs or less.
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