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  1. I just received an invitation by phone to interview this Saturday 11/16, see some of you there!
  2. For those interviewing 11/12 would you mind posting when your secondary application was received? Thanks!
  3. Thank you @jalba for the information. I also did not receive an invitation. Best of luck to you!
  4. Does anyone mind posting when they submitted their application/supplement. Just wondering if invites are being sent in order of application date. I didn't send my supplement until 10/4. Thanks!
  5. I believe they have 10 interview sessions and they conduct 2 a week.
  6. Also denied today (verified 7/18) @jspreen , don't lose hope, good luck with the rest of your applications!
  7. Just received an interview for 9/21 as well today! Flying in from Boston and arriving to DC very early in the morning on Friday. Can't wait to meet everyone there!
  8. Just got an interview! Chose Oct 1st. Under review Aug 5th. Good luck to everyone!
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