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  1. Just missed a call from UT... ugh! I think they are starting calls. Good luck to everyone!
  2. I don't recall the paperwork offhand. But over the past 2 years in this forum, they have made calls this week. Last year it was October 4th.
  3. Hope they are still sending out interviews! Still anxiously waiting!
  4. I was waitlisted as well. Fingers crossed that we'll see some movement on the waitlist in the next coming weeks! I would LOVE to join y'all in January!
  5. Congrats! Has anybody else not heard anything yesterday?
  6. are people still getting interviews? I haven't heard anything since I was told my application was still under review. I am out of state from TN.
  7. Are people still getting invites this week? I'm in an odd predicament. I received a rejection letter back in June, but in July I received an email saying my application was under review. It has been radio silence since. So I'm not sure exactly what is going on. I know most programs discourage you from bugging them about the status of your application.
  8. Hi all, I am considering attending a Kentucky PA school. I know that Kentucky is the only state that does not allow PAs to have prescriptive authority. So, those who have attended a Kentucky PA school, or who know someone who has.... were you adequately prepared to be a schedule drug prescriber once the program was over? I am sure there have been many Kentucky students who went on to work in other states where they did have that power. Thanks so much!
  9. It's getting close to the interviews? Does anyone have any insight about the panel interviews or the "Group scenarios"???
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