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  1. Hi all, I am considering attending a Kentucky PA school. I know that Kentucky is the only state that does not allow PAs to have prescriptive authority. So, those who have attended a Kentucky PA school, or who know someone who has.... were you adequately prepared to be a schedule drug prescriber once the program was over? I am sure there have been many Kentucky students who went on to work in other states where they did have that power. Thanks so much!
  2. It's getting close to the interviews? Does anyone have any insight about the panel interviews or the "Group scenarios"???
  3. I'm coming from Memphis! I'll be there the 13th for 1pm. Does anyone have ideas for places to stay yet?
  4. I haven't gotten a confirmation that they got my email invitation acceptance. I agree it would have been more professional if they could have given us more confirmation or details. Honestly, the entire email invitation was so different from other invitations. Most of the time they include details about the interview style, time frame, dates, locations, etc.
  5. I have not received a date/time yet. I really am hoping for at least 2 weeks notice since It's 7 hours away from me!
  6. I spoke too soon, I just received an interview invitation as well. I wish there were more specific details, but I am looking forward to it!
  7. Has anybody heard back yet? It looks like last year, interviews were emailed mid august.
  8. Telling someone to "browse the forum" is doing no service to them. Personally, I applied to 13 PA schools. 1 school lost accreditation, 1 school rejected me, and I have an interview at 1. Still awaiting an answer from another 10.
  9. Does anyone have experience with PA school interviews yet? I have my first one in 2 weeks. It's stated to be a panel interview. What should I expect? What are common questions? What are some tips? Any advice or testimonies would be great. Many thanks, -Kara
  10. I'm considering withdrawing my application now, and possibly putting the money towards another application. This letter doesn't look promising to me.
  11. There are 3 interview dates, all are Friday's in September from what I understand.
  12. I received my invitation yesterday. Has anyone previously interview at MSU?
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