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  1. For those who got off the waitlist, did they give you a deadline on when to accept as well? Thanks in advance!
  2. Last year I applied with a 298 and didn't get any interviews. I retook it and got a 304 and got a couple of interviews this cycle so I think they want at least a 300 (just from my experience but everyone is different and has other strengths to their application)
  3. Congrats!! How did they let you know?
  4. I havnt heard anything and I applied in July anyone else?
  5. I know there is one on the 15th of this month from a friend who is in PA school there
  6. Thats something positive! hopefully we get in:)
  7. I wonder how many people will get off the waitlist
  8. I hope so! Not sure if they do rankings on the waitlist or not
  9. I’m scared! Fingers crossed for good news for us all!
  10. I was hoping they would send an email at some point today but yeah maybe Monday it is
  11. Does anyone know how many more interviews there are possibly going to be? Thanks!
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