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  1. I haven’t gotten anything since my acceptance about a month ago.
  2. Some were medical scenarios that they are seeing how you would deal with a situation. Some were questions that you could tell it was more of they want to get to know you. Just relax! Everybody is super nice and pretty conversational so you’ll have a good time regardless.
  3. I stayed at the Residence Inn which is like 5 minutes away. I rented a car because I flew in on Saturday and I wanted to explore Scottsdale and Phoenix as well as the area around Mesa. I’m pretty sure the hotel said they would shuttle us within a five mile radius but I would call and ask. There’s also I believe a Hampton Inn within the same area too.
  4. No however I was told we would be reviewing it around October 11.
  5. Same mine was a 480 area code! It said the call was coming from Arizona
  6. Just received a call about a hour and a half ago for my acceptance! Really excited to join y’all in this next adventure!
  7. Still haven’t heard anything but I would give it to the end of the week until I start freaking out!
  8. Can anyone provide any insight to MMI portion? Is it more of a conversational interview or you’re just speaking to someone for 7 minutes straight?
  9. Okay well that takes one of my questions I have out! Thanks so much.
  10. Does anyone know if they have a cadaver lab? I’ve researched a lot but have not seen anything on the website in regards to them have a cadaver lab.
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