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  1. You had to fill out 18/19 and 19/20 for the summer semester of 2019?
  2. Are there anyone accepted and think that most likely they will attend Lynchburg? Please give me a message! I'm just trying to get started on housing and wondering if there's a fb group for accepted students for this cohort. Thanks!
  3. Hi! Congratulations! Do you mind sharing your interview experience? Thanks!
  4. If you don't mind, please share your interview experience at PCOM. Thanks! Also, being waitlisted is a good thing, so best of luck!
  5. I got the same email early this morning as well. I've accepted another program that begins in May, so I will not remain in the pool. Good luck to everyone else!
  6. Congratulations! I was at the Oct. 11 interview too! I know they really want us to give a response as soon as possible, but I'm still waiting for some more programs. Did you accept the offer?
  7. Congratulations to you all!! How exciting! If you guys don't mind sharing your stats and how your interview went, that'd be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  8. Congratulations! If you don't mind sharing your stats and how your interview went, that'd be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  9. Congrats!! If you don't mind sharing your stats and how your interview went, that'd much appreciated! Thank you!
  10. I submitted my supplemental mid-end of July, got a confirmation on Aug 22 and an interview invite on Aug 29 for Oct 11. No news seems like good news in these situations. Have hope! Best of luck!
  11. I heard back from an August interview. Didn't make it So waiting is still a good sign! Have hope! Best of luck!
  12. I submitted everything back in June. Still waiting as well! Best of luck to everyone!
  13. Congrats! It's an individual interview with three interviewers (most will be faculty, some alumni). It was a pretty comfortable and friendly atmosphere. They were really straightforward with questions. Nothing out of the ordinary. Best of luck!
  14. I wasn't aware either! Under the School of PA Medicine tab on their website, there's a tab for Doctor of Medical Science program; however, it doesn't state any obligatory relation between the two degrees. On the other hand, the email does sound like it is a requirement using words like "explicit commitment." I asked a practicing PA and she said maybe the program is trying to compete with doctorate programs for NPs. I think since DMSc is a fairly new program, making it a requirement for PA students would help with enrollment. From my research, it seems like having the DMSc doesn't change how PAs practice.
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