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  1. Also haven’t heard anything. Please update us if you call! I was also considering contacting them. Any updates? I haven’t heard anything since my int.
  2. Also am curious about this. I received an interview invite today, after submitting my app somewhat late on cycle.
  3. I was having problems with payment all weekend. Ive tried to email and call the school, but no response yet. Hoping it resolves soon!
  4. I also received an interview. Are others bringing a plus one? Also, is that for campus tour purposes only?
  5. I just received the email that said to be checking email this week, as more email invites will be sent out Saturday morning...
  6. Hello, do you mind sharing your stats? Or anyone who has received interview invites? Just curious as I’m anxiously awaiting news, myself.
  7. I am coming from Michigan! Received an email to interview today!
  8. hello, i am new to forum but also am out of state! Michigan
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