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  1. Does anyone know if UNE waits to accept people from the waitlist until after all of the interview days are complete?
  2. I applied around 10/14 and received an interview offer on 11/15!
  3. Received an interview offer via email today for 12/11! So excited!
  4. I also received an email with a waitlist offer earlier today!
  5. Congratulations!! I hope they make more acceptance calls tomorrow!
  6. Hi! I received my interview invitation via email only. I am wondering if accepted students received their offer via phone call or email?
  7. I haven't heard anything yet. Hopefully we will hear something at the beginning of this week!
  8. I was scrolling through the forum and saw that some people found out on Thursday this year. Either way, I’m a nervous wreck! Lol. Fingers crossed for us all!
  9. Has anyone who interviewed last Friday heard anything yet?
  10. Yes, I received the email with the portal link three days after I submitted my app!
  11. Also on the alternate list! Fingers crossed we get pulled from the waitlist soon.
  12. Thank you! CASPA: 5/29, UNE coursework complete email: 7/9, UNE interview invite: 10/1
  13. Has anyone who interviewed with Dawkins & Richardson heard anything yet?
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