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  1. Awesome thank you! I guess I have several more days before I should be expecting an email then. Lol
  2. How long after your CASPA was verified did it take to hear something (confirmation of application or request for $75 for supplemental) from PCOM GA?
  3. Hey guys! I just found this program. I noticed they have rolling admissions. Does anyone know how many more interview sessions they have? Did anyone else apply recently? This looks like a great program and I would love to apply, but I'm not sure if it's worth it due to the rolling admissions.
  4. Oh goodness. So all of the seats were already offered before you even had your interview? Congrats on making the wait list though! I hope they start to hear back from everyone, and start pulling from the wait list soon! I think they have 2-3 weeks to accept the offer.
  5. For those of you who have already had interviews, did you attend the social? Do you think it would hurt my chances of acceptance if I did not attend? (I am coming from out of state and not sure if I will be able to make it work). I know that they say it is optional, but I wasn't sure if it really made a difference.
  6. Yes, this waiting is the worst. Hm, well maybe we will hear something next week then! Fingers crossed for us!
  7. Has anyone been accepted or rejected off of the waitlist yet? I know it’s barely October, but I’m getting so anxious!
  8. I just received an interview invitation for November 1st!
  9. Oh okay. Mine said early October. I wonder if that's because they have added on more interview days or if it's because I had my interview in August. Does anyone have an interview scheduled past October 4th?
  10. I got put on the waitlist after the first interview session in August. I think we should hear something in the beginning of October. Is that what your email said as well?
  11. Congrats on the acceptance! Do you mean that admissions are sending emails to those who are already accepted with further info? Or they are sending emails about interviews and such?
  12. Congrats! When is your interview? I submitted in May, so I'm hoping to hear something soon!
  13. Does anyone know if there is any chance that they could still be sending out invites for the session next week? Has anyone gotten an invitation lately?
  14. Has anyone gotten an interview invitation since the 14th? I am wondering how often they will send out invites. I got the email about coursework being complete on 7/9, but haven’t heard anything since then.
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