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  1. Julie Ferraro sent out an email saying that we will hear back "shortly". Hopefully sooner than later
  2. Did anyone who interviewed on July 13th hear back yesterday? We were told we'd receive a call or email but I received neither.
  3. I was confirmed on June 1st and still have not heard anything either. No news is better than bad new though. Don't get yourself down! They could also be still determining if they want to send you an invite! You never know
  4. Congrats! That’s awesome!! When did you submit??
  5. I interviewed on July 13th and it was a very positive experience. There was an hour long round table breakfast “introduction” with administration and faculty, 30 min writing sample, 30 minute group activity, two 30 min 1on1 interviews, then an hour long lunch and a tour afterwards. It was low stress and genuine. They really wanted to just get to know you. Be yourself and don’t memorize responses! Make sure to know WHY DeSales and what motivates you to become a PA.
  6. I paid the fee before submitting my essays. It's a good call because it took my confirmation a few days to show up.
  7. I submitted all my hands-on experiences as well just to be safe. I'd rather have more recorded experiences than less ya know
  8. Yes, even though I was rejected yesterday! Kinda odd. Must have been a mistake
  9. I added a pdf w/ some of my updated grades and another thank you letter as a pdf
  10. I got my confirmation a couple days after you and I have not heard anything either.
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