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  1. I used my Driver license and passport. But you could also use a school ID, work badge....just two things that have your identity on it. I'm sure a Sam's club card with your photo would work in a pinch
  2. Welcoma @jamierah! Congrats on the interview! @khoda444 - Glad you can still pursue a dream! @LadyPa2Be - Wishing you the best, I know we'll be colleagues one day.
  3. @MVZ2020 I watched some YouTube Videos about Casper and took their practice test. You can't really "study" but you can brush up on ethics and get used to typing and thinking fast. Reddit has some good threds as well. Also, my test confirmation was also sent to me in Eastern time....I live in central, so I almost missed my test. Totally my fault, but it was something crucial I overlooked. I hope this helps, good luck!!!
  4. It's ok! Most other forums share stats, but it's really easy to get down on yourself or feel like you're not "good" enough. Yale Online is a pretty unique group and it's about your journey and what you've done. As long as you meet the requirements, you get a look! I'm also an admitted student and this is what I did: I formatted my resume based on the format a school I had applied to required, listed below. It worked for other schools I applied to, so I kept the same format. I also added an Objective at the top, because I felt it helped highlight my "why." CV / Resume Guide CV /Resume Guidelines and Requirements: A. All information should reflect accurate data as of the date submitted. Do no list information or events that are planned, will take place after submission of the CV, or those that occurred prior to high school graduation. B. All information should be listed in chronological order with the most recent events listed first. C. The following component categories should be included in the CV in the order listed: Education List all institutions attended. Employment History Specify healthcare experience when applicable. Healthcare Shadowing Experience Only include shadowing that has taken place with a PA, MD and/or DO provider. Include the amount of time spent shadowing each provider. Volunteer Experience Include the amount of time spent volunteering for each organization. Include a brief synopsis of the type of participation. Extra-curricular Experience To include organizations, sports, pre-professional clubs and other extra-curricular participation to date. D. Do not include any event or experience in more than one component category. Each experience must be placed in only the component category most applicable. E. Each applicant’s adherence to this guide will be used as a component in the applicant decision process.
  5. No one wanted to get those emails today. I wish I could take the sting out of that news. It's a hard journey and I know each of you have worked and worked and hoped to have a different result. We kinda feel like family here, I hope for the best for each of you. It's still early this cycle wishing good news coming your way soon
  6. @AJO0603 The interviewers made me feel comfortable. They know it's nerve-wracking and have a lot of grace. It's not an inquisition! So if you blank, or lose your train of thought, or even need a moment to think, just say so. They're human too I can't tell you how many times I went back over my interview and thought "Man, I wish I had said this..." or "Did I answer the questions good enough?" "Why didn't I use that other story." TOTALLY normal. As long as you can say that you did your best at the end, that's a good interview.
  7. @AJO0603 I agree with what @Krystalized posted. I'd go as far as picking your outfit, know what you're going to wear, and have it ready. Check the lighting in the place you pick....I did this with FaceTime to make sure it wasn't dark and grainy. Know your "WHY." Be able to tell your story. Yes, they have your application, but they don't know what ties it all together. What your experiences have taught you, what motivates you. All that. I'd practice answers to common questions (you can google plenty), and then get your answers to a manageable length. It's hard for me to give a simple answer, so I practiced cutting down to what I really wanted to say without going off on tangents. If you can, come up with a pre-game plan. About 5 minutes before my interview, I was ready to go and just practiced breathing deep breaths. Last...you know all the answers to any question they'll ask. Be you. Be confident. Don't panic!
  8. Those with Interview invites....If you feel like sharing what day you have it, I'll add you to my Good Vibes/Prayer list! (or you can DM) I know that "Thoughts and Prayers" can seem empty sometimes....but both can be mighty powerful too. We're all in this together!
  9. I know nerves are high, and anxiety is crashing through like a kid with a shopping cart. Hang in there!
  10. Awww! Thank you! If it helps, my kids also drive me nuts and sometimes "good parenting" involves more television than I'd usually allow. There were also several "fire drills" during quarantine where they were locked out of the house for a couple hours (don't panic, there was a water hose and plenty of trees the boys could use!). Sometimes "balance" is letting the ball drop that you know will bounce But I'm SO glad it LOOKS like I have my ducks in a row, lol!
  11. Hi @PrePAABGL! Welcome! Lots of us Moms here, you're in good company!
  12. LOL, I leave for work and SO much has happened!! Congrats to all those new interview-invitees. SO excited for everyone and have my fingers crossed. It seems like everything I would say was already said I love this forum and how we're all there for each other.
  13. @AMRarey That's not something we disclose. I know having more info about this whole process helps calm nerves. It's not out of meanness that we keep this private, we're asked to and it also keeps things fair (I mean, as fair any any selection process can be). Nothing wrong with asking, but not something anyone that's gone through the process will share
  14. Totally! I've eaten ice cream in my closet to keep my kids from finding me. Glad I'm in good company
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