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  1. Sparkle on, everyone! Waiting is difficult, it's easy to feel you've been passed over, but there's nothing to support that. I remember hearing somewhere that when negative thoughts enter your mind; ask yourself "where did I get this information." Most of the time, at least for me, I made it up myself because I felt anxious/overwhelmed/scared/not good enough/ whatever.
  2. You absolutely do! The farther into the cycle we go, there are just more applications for them to go through. They'll consider all applications submitted up to the deadline. You will probably find yourself waiting longer between the different steps than earlier applicants, but that's still a function of numbers.
  3. @Tiera! Welcome to the forum! Congrats on the interviews, it's nerve wracking for sure. Glad you're here
  4. @Jlnisbett - LOVE it!!! I might have to start using that one! People up North say strange things too I had a guy from NYC tell me once that my shoes looked sick....I asked him to please not vomit on my shoes @madi.loruss - Google is your friend. Name +"school" + "contact info" usually works.
  5. @Rebeccajoycearnold - Yes, I am part of the upcoming class that begins in Jan 2021
  6. Ok. I'm gonna share this story on myself and maybe it'll help be that tiny voice of reason when your other voice is telling you ALL the ways you messed up. The interviewers are people too. They know this is hard and competitive and wouldn't consider us if we were't all Yale material. The hard part is it's kinda a lot like dating, you can meet perfectly good and wonderful people, but they're not a fit. It's crushing when you're not the fit. But it also doesn't mean you suck. I don't claim to know what they're looking for, only that they're taking the time to actually LOOK at us and conside
  7. @Hkane - It seems like there will be a session after each round of interviews. (I don't have primary source info, so I'm hedging...but IF I were to gamble, I'd pick this bet) Yale is great about communication and transparency, and for me, it was nice to have the chance to ask additional questions I had afterwards.
  8. It's a link they send via email after you have interviewed, or at least scheduled your interviews. It's not the same as the open-attendance sessions/webinars they had in the spring.
  9. I'm in Sunny Mexico checking in, and I LOVE all the support going around! Everyone that messaged me about their interviews have been on my mind as I listen to ocean waves. Sending good vibes, prayers, and having drinks in your honor. This is all one big process of "hurry up and wait." I'm glad we're all in this together!
  10. @airvine And anyone else that needs it Interviewing is hard, I felt the same way. Each day that passed I thought of more things I should have said or what I could have done differently. If it helps, the people doing the interviewing are human too. They know it's unnerving and stressful and have a LOT of grace.
  11. Wanted to chime in and wish the best of luck to those interviewing this week!! @madi.loruss - I used two different areas because the first one was too noisy. I just found a corner in my bedroom and had my laptop on a side table. They really couldn't see anything. I wouldn't stress too much about it, as long as it looks clean with good lighting and is quiet. There's a test room, I think, for Zoom. I checked the area I wanted to use before hand to make sure it looked good on camera. I ended up having to bring a lamp over because it was too dark. I hope this helps!
  12. I used my Driver license and passport. But you could also use a school ID, work badge....just two things that have your identity on it. I'm sure a Sam's club card with your photo would work in a pinch
  13. Welcoma @jamierah! Congrats on the interview! @khoda444 - Glad you can still pursue a dream! @LadyPa2Be - Wishing you the best, I know we'll be colleagues one day.
  14. @MVZ2020 I watched some YouTube Videos about Casper and took their practice test. You can't really "study" but you can brush up on ethics and get used to typing and thinking fast. Reddit has some good threds as well. Also, my test confirmation was also sent to me in Eastern time....I live in central, so I almost missed my test. Totally my fault, but it was something crucial I overlooked. I hope this helps, good luck!!!
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