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  1. Hey Guys! Congrats to those who got accepted and to those still waiting I know it can be a very stressful process; but you came so far and everything ends up working out for your favor. Do not worry about the amount of people that are interviewing and be yourself. I was in your shoes last year and I know how it feels but you GOT THIS!! Best of luck to everyone..
  2. Have you heard after your interview?
  3. Has anyone that apply early June received anything yet?
  4. Congratulations! Best of luck to you. Do you mind sharing when did you submit your application?
  5. Does anyone that interviewed on 9/23 would like to share their interview experience and give some advice? I have mine next monday
  6. Other years by Sept they were already contacting may and june applicants. I dont know why this years its taking them so long
  7. I submitted my app on 5/26 and got verified first week of june
  8. Has anyone heard back from the program that applied in May?
  9. I had mine on 7/31 and haven't heard back either so I’m losing hope since people have been accepted. I was interviewed by 2 faculty members (program director and PA professor). They gave me different scenarios and asked me what would I do in those situations. I feel like I didnt do that well because I wasnt expecting questions about patients or so ever. They asked me what patient I remember the most and how it influence my life. Be prepared for those types of questions. Best of luck on the interview!!!
  10. Has anyone received anything yet?
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