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  1. Ahh congrats!!! Can't wait to meet you Come join us on the Facebook group (UTMB PA Class of 2022). We also have two GroupMe chats (the links are on fb).
  2. In the past, some people got pulled off the waitlist as late as a week or two before classes start iirc. That said, I would reapply earlier rather than later if I were you, just to be safe. Before I got pulled, I was planning to resubmit shortly after CASPA opened back up.
  3. My phone actually somehow guessed it was Ms. McGraw calling, which is weird because I definitely don’t have her number or any other UTMB numbers saved in my contacts. I don’t want to post the whole number, but it started (409) 772 which seems to be the first six for all UTMB phone numbers, so just look out for that
  4. Ms. McGraw just called me and I've been accepted after a position opened up earlier this afternoon!! I'm so excited to learn with y'all
  5. I haven’t heard anything, but that of course could be just me The invitees had until Friday to respond, so now they probably have to sort through everything and figure out how many interview spots are open. Hopefully that means they’ll pull people from the waitlist this week Edit: I just looked at last year's thread. The invitees had until Monday 12/10 to respond and it looks like people started getting pulled from the waitlist Thursday 12/13. If that timeline is the same this year, then people will probably hear back on Wednesday.
  6. I haven't heard anything yet, but that could mean nobody has heard or I just wasn't called. One of the people who got an interview told me (further back in the thread) that the invitees have until December 13th to respond. Maybe they are waiting until then to send out a bulk batch of emails to the people on the waitlist?
  7. I might be missing the obvious, but what is our UTMB ID number? There is one application ID number I got when they sent the supplemental application link, a different application number on MyStar, and then the number that is my username for MyStar. I'm assuming it's the last one..? Which one are y'all using? Edit: 99.9% sure it's the last one. The email containing it didn't pop up when I searched my gmail, but I found it after digging deeper. Whoops
  8. In last year's thread, I think someone said most people were dressed business casual at their interview. You can go back and read it, I think there was a bit more discussion on it
  9. I think anyone who hasn't received an email stating they got an interview/are on the waitlist for an interview is not getting in this round, because the interview waitlist seems to have quite a few people on it already. They probably won't send out official rejection emails for a while, but I don't know exactly when.
  10. To those of you who were invited for interviews, it looks like some of you are Jan 9/Group A and others are Jan 10/Group B. On their website, it says the first day is an afternoon orientation with tours and a social gathering followed by interviews the next morning. Is this not the case anymore?
  11. Congratulations!!! Did the invitation have a deadline for you to respond? Just wondering when they might start pulling people from the waitlist if the original invitees won't be attending.
  12. I just received an email stating that I'm waitlisted for interviews, so it seems interview emails are going out earlier than they said they would!
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