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  1. Dates were assigned to us. So pretty much we're split into Group A and Group B and Nov 4th and Nov 5th are the only dates for interviews. Group A – Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021 [Get to know the program, Q&A Panel with Students and Faculty] and Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021 [Interview Date] Group B – Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021 [Get to know the program, Q&A Panel with Students and Faculty] and Friday, Nov. 5, 2021 [Interview Date] Hope it helps. In the next few days, they will be sending out waitlist emails to some candidates followed by flat/straight rejection emails to others the days after. Last year, I was in the third wave => Flat rejection email => No interview.
  2. I have not as well but I will give them more time as it has only been a day since the submission. From my understanding of the email they sent us yesterday, that process of receiving a confirmation email after the RSVP is not automated. So just give them time.
  3. Just received an interview invite for Nov 4. Good luck yall...
  4. Genuinely curious. Why would you limit yourself to only 1 school? I know the location might be a huge factor in this case but still.
  5. I guess I am going to share my timeline here for this week, 10/5: Received an email stating that my application was no longer under consideration as I was missing one or more required items and the deadline has already passed. Curious and deeply knowing that could not be true, I asked them which one(s) was(were) it(they)as all the pre-reqs were met and everything was submitted/sent/provided including the CASper test. Keep in mind, i took mine during the beginning of May and app was submitted/Verified around May 20th/May 26th. Then i started thinking that might have been the reason I never heard back or received any interview invite from this program. I was just like "not a big deal at least I have an acceptance elsewhere in TX" Few hours later, I get an update email stating they actually do have all my stuff and my application is "under active review". They ended up apologizing for the error and distress that the earlier email might have caused. 10/8: Like everyone else, i received the email stating my app is still under consideration and all applications are being reviewed diligently. As @kmarshburn hypothesizes above, our apps might have been stuck in their portal system (thinking that we never met the reqs or were missing one or more items[my case is a good example]) as they had had issues with it before, one of them being the Checklist Issues email back in June. Or maybe holistically speaking, our apps are not as competitive as compared to the ones that have been interviewed already. Who knows? I personally believe it is the former in my case but you're more than welcome to disagree. Either way, wishing you all the best especially if UNTHSC is your #1 program and/or you have been struggling getting interviews elsewhere. We will all end up being great, professional, and compassionate healthcare providers.
  6. Pls let keep our discussion into one single thread. It makes it easier for everyone especially newbies.
  7. Was not an easy decision to make since I received the interview invite on Friday. However, I have just officially declined the invite via email and hopefully another qualified applicant ends up getting it especially if you are on the interview waitlist. Wishing you all the best. I was an out of state applicant.
  8. Should be on the FAQs section on their website. Scroll down to #18. Here the link https://www.ttuhsc.edu/health-professions/master-physician-assistant-studies/frequently-asked-questions.aspx
  9. IKR and now it makes sense why one school i interviewed with made me sign a confidentiality form about ANYTHING related to their interview process. Not only that but you are not being fair with the other candidates who went blind folded expecting the unexpected. You're pretty much giving yours and OTHER people slots away doing so (talking about people who are still waiting post-interview). I know I will be seen as the bad dude, but whatever .
  10. Last year BCM notified of a rejection (no interview) on 10/19 @ 8:45AM . Let's see if it is going to be the same fate now that i feel more confident with my app, overall. 1 more month to go
  11. Had to cancel my interview invitation for next week. I feel bad doing so on such a short notice, however, I did not want to keep another qualified applicant from receiving an interview invite with this beautiful and outstanding program. Out of State applicant. Wishing y'all, best of luck. specially if you have not heard back yet.
  12. Don't lose hope. As long you did not receive the rejection email they sent a week ago, you best believe you are still getting considered. You may not be interviewed for the October date (maybe you have not heard back because for the holistic approach they use to review each app) but you most likely will for the others in November and January. This school is definitely my #1 and I am still waiting to hear back post-interview. Keep holding down to that tiny silver hope.
  13. Yes I did earlier in the day as well. Congrats on your acceptance Funny you answered to my question earlier about not having heard back as well, then we both received an Acceptance letter within the next few hours.
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