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  1. Hey guys! We have a Group me going with 6 people right now! If anyone else wishes to be added just message me your phone # and i'll put you in! Good luck everyone that is still waiting to hear back / has yet to interview! I'm excited to get to know y'all!
  2. That sounds great! I think a GroupMe would be the most practical thing to do right now in order to communicate with people. I think you need to have cell phone numbers before making one so I can personal message y'all and ask for your # to get it started! I'll send a message now... and if anyone else wants to be added they can just post in the forum and we can get cell #s individually.
  3. Hey! If anyone else has been accepted it would be awesome if we could start a Group Me/ Facebook page so that we can get to know everyone better and stay in touch. Has anyone else heard back from ECU? I paid my seat deposit so it's official now! Keep me posted so we can organize something! Good luck everyone!
  4. Got an acceptance call yesterday from the 9/24 interview!!!! Has anyone else got in?? Good luck everybody!
  5. Got an interview invite for Oct 25th!! Can’t wait to meet y’all!
  6. I will be attending the nov 8 interview! Anyone else coming that day?
  7. I’ll be interviewing oct 22! Anyone else coming to that date?
  8. Congrats to everyone who got in! I also interviewed on 8/22 and I received a waitlist spot! More waiting ahead in my future I guess! I hope to join y'all and i'll keep my fingers crossed. Super nervous still!!
  9. Thank all of you for the encouragement! I’ll do my best to stay positive and keep hopeful! I still have 7 more interviews so I hope they let me know soon because I love Campbell and settling for another program would not be my preferred choice haha! Congratulations again on all those acceptance calls!
  10. Thank you PQ! I’ll keep y’all updated! I would love to get to know y’all better over the next 2 years in the creek!!
  11. Thank you PQ! I’ll keep y’all updated! I would love to get to know y’all better over the next 2 years in the creek!!
  12. They just emailed me... got waitlisted... that means more anxiety and endless waiting ahhh!! Hopefully I’ll get to join y’all!
  13. I wonder why we are later?? I though that interview went extremely well!! I don’t want to be pessimistic but my mind keeps telling me that I’m rejected since they have not called! I just want to know! AHHH
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