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  1. It's odd because when I went on the PAEA fair, Cristina said that I would receive my email on August 4, but the website said August 3. So, when I didn't get it yesterday, I just assumed that she was right and I would just have to wait until today! I will say, I did get an email at like 10pm central time so decisions could run late? But yea, nothing yet.
  2. Oh gosh! That's perfect, I remembered there being this option at one of my schools! So, if you know the grade you'll get in this class (at this point), you could technically submit it and just wait for that transcript to push through! If not, just wait a bit longer until the final assignment is graded and put that grade in (if you want to be safe). yes! Once that transcript goes through, if there is pending stuff on it, the school will still acknowledge you (with the pending). The pending, later, will not be factored into your GPA. So, just make sure all the pending are completed if you plan on wanting that in your caspa GPA!!
  3. Okay, it's SOOO flippin annoying because even when you have it verified, you send more transcripts in, this still won't count towards your gpa!! (I legit added like 3 As to my transcript and my GPA didn't move!!).. I did the same thing as you !! I applied to programs where I had all the prereqs completely finished, so it got verified. Then, when i added the new grades, it literally didn't move my GPA for ANY of them (besides show that the class is done + the grade). It was such a stressful thing because i'm a type A personality, so I calculated my GPA myself and sent it into the schools (i'm talking like a +0.1 difference in my GPA which I feel like makes all the difference). Most of them ignored me except like 4 (acknowledged, but said they won't be using the one I calculated)... Soooo, in that case, I would say once you get your grades from your teacher (even before it's posted on the transcript), submit it! This will time stamp it for an earlier time (don't know if it matters, but maybe not risk it)... Then, once ALL the grades are on the transcript, send it!
  4. mands

    Chicago PA schools

    If anyone is considering a suburb of Chicago, there's a program through North Central College in Naperville. It's really not that far from the city (there's trains you can take in!). The cost of living out here is considerably cheaper. There's a lot of trendy downtown areas nearby, too (i'm lookin at you Geneva & Batavia)! I live in the area so I can tell you a bit about that part. This school seems like the closest suburb school to Chicago, too! The other one is all the way down in Southern Illinois. Besides that, I think that's about it for the programs out here.
  5. mands

    what are my chances

    I'm no pro, just an applicant myself! SOO, I feel like your science gpa is on the lower side... It meets the minimum for some programs (given most require a flat 3.0-3.2), but the average is usually like 3.2-3.4 for most of the ones I looked at (i feel like i looked at a lot)! Your hours are BOMB! LOR sounds very strong too! Research hours don't matter for the most part (even though I have it)... However, I do want to ask, why didn't you take the GRE? Yeah, it's optional for some programs... However, I feel like with your lower academic GPA, you could use this as a crutch for sure... especially if you score very high. I would reccomend you find the schools you like and see if they accept GRE (or the PA-CAT is coming up now too for a lot of programs, which is testing in the pre-req subjects). I'm not one to judge, but from your stats, I can tell that you work very hard with like volunteerism/work, but your science will be the weigh down on your applications if anything (you can prove this with a high score, though and probably not have to retake courses!)
  6. Ok SOO i ran into the same problem Basically, caspa does that thing where it automatically calculates your hours for you. I'm in the same boat where if a school asks me for verification i'll be like "welp, look there's this calculator on caspa that you can't change". However, it seems like you might have just inputted the hours & dates wrong, so it isn't an excuse on the system? I would say, it might be worse if they ask for verification. So, a short answer turned long........it depends? Last cycle, I had a school that did not need proof of all my hours (if this was your situation, you'd be in the safe). This cycle, I have quite a few schools that require a written on official letterhead and a phone #.... however, these schools that require proof should have it listed on their website. So, take a look at your schools if they require some form of verification letter, and proceed with caution?
  7. Submit it ASAP in my opinion! Bc the whole application won't process until ALL material (transcripts, LOR, etc.) is received. So, if you submit it, let's say right now, then the second that last thing is uploaded it would automatically push through to "verification" (which can take between days to weeks in my experience). So, if you got everything, you'd be ready and the only thing you're waiting on is other people/schools to send things in, click submit! In terms of courses that are finished, of course on the last day of class you'll know your grade (exactly as it would show on the transcript), so I would personally submit the CASPA with that known grade. Wait the few days for the grade to pop up on the transcript (usually depending on your school), and once it's updated then send the transcript right away.
  8. I still have nothing in my email, lol anyone on the same page? edit: I noticed the last time they emailed me was at like 11pm central time. I need to chill
  9. still waiting! lol... but hey guys! ITS NOT A NO! keep pushing forward!! I believe!
  10. nope! it doesn't help that it's raining like a madman outside, so all I have to do is refresh my email LOL!
  11. awh I love it! yes, no sunburn because no skin cancer!! ..I do stan a cute sunburnt nose sometimes myself LOL i'm mostly refreshing the page here to see the responses when they come in!
  12. So today is the day that we're supposed to hear about more decisions according to the email from Cristina?! I don't know if I like this model of releasing the decision day because it's now taking me out a whole day, LOL!
  13. I'm still waiting for my supplemental! Just checked my spam and there's nothing
  14. OH sorry I wasn't clear! I meant it in the sense that it is in the same school system, so just to compare I learned the rolling admission vs sept 1 bit through the PAEA fair! should have shared that too
  15. You and I are the same person! I will say, for a week, I had a bad habit of applying to schools that already gave out interviews thinking that I would be invited soon too (if they already have the ball rolling). After looking at my credit card statement, I can say that i'm fully deterred from doing this again.
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