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  1. Hey guys! I received a call this morning at 10:32AM from Alyssa with an offer into the program this summer 2020! I still can't believe it and wish everyone the best! Looking forward in meeting the new cohort!
  2. I also received an email confirming they received my application. I applied in late July but I am hoping to hear back with good news by the end of this month. I am from CA so I'd like to stay local.
  3. Hadia, I interviewed on 11/15/19 and I believe there were 40 students in a classroom. The staff has a full schedule planned which includes a brief powerpoint presentation of the program, 2 group activities (fun and easy), short essay questions, campus tour, lunch with current students and staff. Sometime in the afternoon you will have a 1:1 interview with 1 faculty and 1 previous PA alumni for about 15 min each. It was actually more casual and easy going than I had anticipated. The faculty are very welcoming and current students are easy going. Just be yourself.
  4. I received a letter via mail mentioning I have been wait listed. Did anyone else hear back from the 11/15/19 interview?
  5. I received the same email. I hope this means we are still really being considered.
  6. Hi! Those of you that recently attended the interview, how was it? Has anyone heard back with any updates? Mine is scheduled for 11/15 but haven’t received details regarding the interview day.
  7. I have an interview scheduled for November 15th but I hear there is only severl spots left. I hope I still have a chance. I am flying from California!
  8. First time using a student forum. I also got an interview via email!! So excited to visit from California!
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