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  1. I am wondering the same. I was verified as early as May, and have not heard a single word. I see they have interviewed a lot of other people and made acceptance offers. I wondered if there was still a chance..
  2. Does anyone know if interview invites are still being sent out?
  3. Anyone else get waitlisted? And do you know when they will have final decisions?
  4. Did anyone else get flat out rejected after interview? I Interviewed October 21, got an email today that I was rejected-no wait list, no nothing. Wondered if I was the only one this happened to
  5. Did anyone else apply early (end of April) and has still not heard a word from this program?
  6. Hello all, I was waitlisted after October 22 interview. Wondered if any current students had been waitlisted and then later accepted and also how long it took within the cycle to update you on a status.
  7. Verified in July but have heard nothing. Is anyone in a similar boat?
  8. verified in May. Still have not heard anything. Is anyone in the same or similar position?
  9. Did anyone get this email? Join Us For The PA Chat Session Every Wednesday beginning October 16, 2019! I still have not received an interview invite so I'm kind of confused if this means anything as far as where I stand in the pool.
  10. Anyone that interviewed or are interviewing from out of town, any hotel recommendations? I am interviewing Oct. 21!
  11. Did anyone else not receive anything (an interview nor a denial) on September 6th?
  12. I had everything submitted by the end of May, however I got this same email last Tuesday..Did you contact them?
  13. Hi! I will be interviewing at the main campus on this day as well. Haven't heard any specific details about times/location yet.
  14. I am also interviewing on August 16th, just received my invitation last week. Good luck everyone!
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