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  1. I got waitlisted too and I kind of expected it, the interview was not as personable as others. Best of luck for an acceptance elsewhere!
  2. This is my second cycle of PA interviews so I've been through this! There are always several rounds of interviews, some early august and some late into the fall. Don't give up hope! If you are verified I would give it time
  3. They do!! I think they mentioned something about going to Mercer school of medicine to share the cadaver lab there? But they do for sure have one for A & P courses. That was one of the questions I asked during the info. session!
  4. I got the same email. I honestly thought it was a difficult interview format (a zoom interview with 2 other applicants and 2 faculty...) Since there was no individual assigned questions it was hard to voice your opinion and be personable with the faculty...anyone else feel that way?
  5. I interviewed 6/19 as well. Wondering when I will hear back one way or the other. It appears others have got their acceptance. Any idea when we are supposed to hear?
  6. Same!! Do they have a facebook page for accepted students for this class yet?
  7. I received an acceptance call this morning from the June 8-9 interview!!! Anyone else ???
  8. Hi! I also have the virtual interview on these dates. I was wondering if you were a little confused about the interview schedule (I am confused about it.) Message me if you have a chance!
  9. Thank you! Are you guys having to do online classes/ How does this affect your clinical rotations? I wondered if Covid-19 would have any affect on further interviews (If they are still conducting them at this time) as well as office hours for them to send out any updates to waitlisted prospective students? Best of luck! This time is stressful for all of us in the healthcare field and outside. I'm still working at Greenville memorial and this has really affected our hours, precautions, patients, etc.
  10. Thank you Lauren and thanks for all the encouragement! As of last week, PC is my only remaining school that I applied to that I am being considered, so I am going a little crazy wondering about the status of the waitlist or if I should start prepping myself to reapply to CASPA in the upcoming months. Fingers crossed! Either way I am hopeful it will happen soon
  11. If they accepted 34, does this mean all seats are full for this class? Do you know how many seats they have each term?
  12. Does anyone know the number of students accepted into the program? I was put on the wait list in October and have not yet heard anything back. Has anyone from the wait list heard any updates?
  13. I am wondering the same. I applied early in May and have still yet to hear a single thing about the status of my application, although it seems there have been several sets of interviews...
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