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  1. They told us some people would hear back this week and some would hear back over the next couple months about acceptances. They are sending out everything including waitlists/rejections by dec 15.
  2. Anybody from the 10/14 interview hear back yet? Curious if they've finished reviewing and sent out any acceptances from our group yet since they were so quick on previous weeks.
  3. Anyone know if they're close to filling up? Or has anyone received an interview invite in the last week? Getting nervous that I applied too late and that they're basically full already!!
  4. The same thing happened to me! It even shows submitted on the website but I got the email Friday saying they haven’t received anything. I’m planning on calling in the morning to clear things up!
  5. Congrats! When did you get your “under review” notification?
  6. Anyone know how many spots they have remaining? I just recently submitted my app and wondering if I still have a shot. Getting nervous because I haven't heard anything back about an interview!!
  7. For the supplemental app, once you pay should the application status automatically change to submitted? I received an email that my payment was processed but on my account it still shows my application as not submitted?
  8. From my understanding, they are only sending out acceptances next week in the mail? Waitlists and rejections will be emailed after a couple more weeks? Please correct me if I’m wrong.
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