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  1. welcome. Hope to see you there. There will lots of inside scoop that is not mentioned on the flyer. Feel free to share for those who are interested
  2. Hey everyone, there are still tickets available for those who are interested in the Loma Linda PA program. We have changed our event from zoom to being ON CAMPUS. There will be prizes raffled off. Due to some restrictions still being in place, the tickets that are being sold will only allow one person per ticket. More info on the flyer and event bright website. Thank you so much! Hope to see you there. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/llus-3rd-annual-pre-pa-conference-tickets-145958073527 prePA conference final draft flyer On CAMPUS.pdf
  3. There should be. I received a call for an interview for February 14 but kindly declined as I have already been accepted elsewhere.
  4. Hey have they email you the packet today? I'm still waiting. They mentioned it was going to get emailed today.
  5. Hello so, here is my overall science 3 .58 10,000+ patient care hours as an LVN Shadowed 32hrs I applied June 27th got verified a week later. Got luck to all of us. Can't wait to meet you guys on the 22nd.
  6. Congratulations. I too have an interview that day. I'm so nervous. This is my first interview for any school.
  7. Thins thing says " Next Steps Your application has been sent to Admissions for processing. " Am I to assume it's not the same thing?
  8. Is the email you received the one where it mentioned it was sent to the committee for reviewing?... Oh man I submitted my secondary 7/18
  9. Hello, By any chance may u asked when you applied?... I haven't received anything aside from having submitted my supplemental application
  10. Hello everyone, quick question did anyone get a confirmation email when they submitted their "additional requires questions"? I just want to make sure because I did not get one.
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