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  1. I might've posted this already? Interviewed 10/28/19. Rejected 11/5/19. But it's okay, I was lucky to be accepted to another program of my dreams! Good luck to everyone!
  2. I just got the call today!!! Accepted from the alternate list. I'm so thankful and excited! It really does seem like a dream. Whoever decided to decline UTSW thank you and hopefully you were accepted into just as great of a program! To those still waiting and to those who got rejected. I want to share with you, yes you whose reading this. There is definitely a chance for you as long as you don't give up. There's always going to be a need for PAs. The harder you work the luckier you are. Keep trying and the admissions counsel will see that.
  3. On the email they said they would contact you as soon as a spot is available.
  4. Finally contacted yesterday. I'm on the alternate list (interviewed 10/19). It's a bittersweet feeling as UTSW is my first choice, but I'm still very grateful. Congrats to all those who received the call! I hope I can join you guys. And to those rejected good luck. There's still a ton more schools and next year (trying to make myself believe my own words too). Let's not loose hope. Don't give up, you already sacrificed a lot for this.
  5. Congratulations. I'm so envious of yall. Are there any tips you can share for the MMI's? I'm nervous for my interview!
  6. Congratulations! Do you have any interview tips you can share for MMI's? I'm so nervous for my interview.
  7. No problem. Sorry for the late reply. Invited 9/23 for 10/28. CASPA sent 6/9/2019. CASPA verified 6/11/2019. TTUHSC confirmed 7/5/2019.
  8. Sure thing! And btw for anyone who thinks those Merlin emails had any correlation it doesn't! I received quit a few of those Merlin emails. Invited 9/23 for 10/28. CASPA sent 6/9/2019. CASPA verified 6/11/2019. TTUHSC confirmed 7/5/2019.
  9. Interview invited 9/23 for 10/28! AHHHHH I'm excited but nervous in a good way! I feel like this might be late for Texas Tech? Good luck to everyone . This whole wait game is killing me, I'm sure its killing everyone reading this too. Keep up the faith and confidence in yourself guys.
  10. Don't know if this helps. You can check if they have received your application fee and application on their supplemental application checklist. Although it doesn't specify CASPA ... ?
  11. I just found this forum so sorry about the late reply! I luckily got an interview for the 7/8-7/9 session. They said final decision on rejection, wait-list, and acceptance from those interviewed would be notified in September!
  12. @CanIBeAPaPlz Unsure but according to their website there's still 2 more months for interview meet and greet sessions. Let's keep our eyes on the lookout! "Do you interview candidates for your program and what is the format? Yes. A multiple mini-interview is conducted for the most competitive applicants to the PA program. Approximately 180 applicants are invited to interview each year. Friday evening “Meet and Greet” and Saturday interview dates for the cycle of 2019/2020 are as follows: August 23/24 September 13/14 October 18/19 November 8/9"
  13. The nerves of waiting for interviews ahhh. Good luck to everyone. Hopefully we'll all hear back with good news!
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