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  1. Hey everyone I hope everyone else is as excited as I am for the upcoming interviews. I have an interview the 12th, and I was wondering if anyone would like to meet up the night prior or after? I’m staying in PA till the 13th so I figured I’d ask around. Let me know!
  2. And, to think this would've gone better than I'd expect. I sign in at 3:01 pm - no e-mail/nothing - "no spots left" Zero, Zip, Nada. That's honestly unfair.
  3. For those who have interviewed in the past at PCOM or have heard from other students, are the interviewers usually receptive and ask follow up questions?
  4. BS Biomedical Science Overall GPA: 3.95 Science GPA: 4.0 Patient/Health Experience: 2000+ hours (too lazy to go and count I just know it’s past that) Evaluations: 3 no PA shadowing (because it’s damn near impossible in NYC) I have a ton of leadership/ volunteer/ mentoring/ teaching/ tutoring experience, which I have committed 5-6 years to. Honestly speaking, worry less about stats and just focus on what sets YOU apart from everyone else applying as you can see other people have lower academic stats than I do, but they compensate with other things in their profile that I may lack in.
  5. @SonoToPA @coles357 I can't speak for those who may have received a phone call, but I received an e-mail giving me my interview date and all the information that comes with it!
  6. Just got an interview for October 29th! Message me if you'd like - It would be nice going in knowing something about each of you set for that date. Hit me up Submitted: 08/03/19 Verified: 08/04/19
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