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  1. I got accepted off of the waitlist last week. After lots of thought and prayers I have decided that I am better suited at a different program! I hope my spot opened doors for someone else! I wish everyone the best of luck!
  2. I got a voicemail last night as well but still no email. Do not know what that means.
  3. Decided to decline my interview so I hope my spot can go to someone deserving!
  4. @youngbreezy @BJT22 Just to add to this, Shenandoah's program does a lot of their core PA classes online that are taught by adjunct faculty. Most of the classes are self paced as well. I have a friend that went there for a year and then dropped out and ended up somewhere else because she hated it so much. Again this could just be one persons opinion but it really turned me off to Shenandoah's program.
  5. Just so everyone knows Erica just told me they have one more interview date and the class is still not close to being full so there is hope!
  6. I do not think it was my stats that got me in at all I think it was more that I was very comfortable in the interview and I feel like I was able to be myself. I talked a lot about what I have learned from experiences I have had in the past and how they have effected me/ will help me in the future as a pa. My stats were 3.49 GPA 304 GRE (3.5 writing) and about 2500 patient care hours as a CNA at multiple different locations and specialties. Hope this helps!
  7. Just got my acceptance after my interview on 9/6! So excited!!!
  8. Just received an interview invite for Sept. 6th! Submitted my application mid July! Best of luck to everyone!
  9. For the people interviewing on the 24th should we make a group message to decide on a time and place that everyone that wants to meet for dinner can join in?
  10. I received a phone call and a confirmation email!
  11. Received an interview November 8th! I noticed this is a lot later then previous interviews do you think that means the class might already be full at the time I interview and might reduce my chances?
  12. Interviewing on the 24th and interested in getting dinner before! I will be staying with a student in the area!
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