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  1. Does anyone know how many people have been accepted?
  2. Does anyone know how many people have been accepted or how many have joined the Facebook page?
  3. Do they give you a ranking on the waitlist? How does it work or do you have an idea how many waitlist have been accepted in the past? I wonder if they review the waitlist after each round of interviews for reconsideration?
  4. I am confused, I thought they are rolling admissions. Does this mean if we get an interview we have to wait months to hear back?
  5. Has anyone heard back that interviewed last week?
  6. Anyone else concerned with the increases in COVID 19 that the school is having people travel to the facility for an interview? Although Oregon may not have a high number of cases many people traveling from other locations with a high number of cases can bring it in. Not to mention the risk of traveling in airports. I wonder if the school is going to reconsider interviews on line as most others schools are doing as the cases continue to increase.
  7. Congratulations on your interview! Do you mind sharing when you were verified? Good Luck
  8. Thank you very much for the detailed information.
  9. Can anyone who has received an interview invite let me know if it is an all day event or how long the interview is? Do they give you different dates to choose from or is the date already assigned? Thanks
  10. Congratulations! When did Drexel confirm receipt of your application? and did you receive the interview invite today?
  11. Verified on 5/26 and I still have not heard anything. Hopefully we hear something soon. I am surprised that they don't give much time prior to the interview but that would be the least of worry
  12. Thanks - it seems very quiet and slow this year
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