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  1. Has anyone heard any news who interviewed on 9/10? All this waiting is killing meeeeeee
  2. How do you guys feel about Augsburg going on a probationary status? I know Augsburg has a really good PA program but this is my first time applying and I am unsure how to feel about it. I am still really excited about possibly interviewing for the program but I just don't know what to think of it and wanted to see how everyone else feels.
  3. I’m interviewing on 9/10, not sure if there’s an interview before that or not!
  4. I heard Rutgers has a writing assignment during their interviews, does anyone have any info or tips on how to prepare for that? Also, do you guys know what the style of interviews Rutgers does? MMI format, panel, or individual? Congrats to everyone who got accepted!
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