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  1. They said their last interviews are in early December
  2. Just the post-interview survey. They said some will hear back sooner than others but to call them if it’s been 3 weeks post-interview with no word back.
  3. Anyone else waiting to hear back from the recent interviews, stay positive. They are saving the best for last and will notify us soon
  4. When I was at my interview, I saw that all the rooms we used had a sign posted that said, “these rooms were reserved on the following interview dates.” I counted 13 dates total. I was there on one of the dates and 10 dates were in the future with the last date in February. Still lots of interviews coming! Stay positive
  5. If I had a dollar for every time I checked this forum, then I’d probably have my PA school tuition paid off by now.
  6. I also interviewed on 9/13. Mrs. Murphy told us at the beginning of the interview day that we should ALL hear back by the following Friday, Sept. 20th. To everyone interviewing, Mrs. Murphy will get back to you by email with an accepted, denied, or "on hold" aka maybe. Since 9/13 was the first interview, I would guess they put a good number of us on hold. I counted 20 candidates at the interview. There are six interview dates listed on their website. I would imagine 120 people are interviewed. Class size is about 36. May the odds be ever in your favor. I was placed on hold after my interview. I texted two other candidates and they were both also placed on hold. Being 100% honest, I really liked the program. The faculty were all super welcoming and talked about how much they support their students. It felt like they want you there. If you accidentally read any of the Harding threads from previous years, there is NO MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY TEST anymore. Best of luck to everyone else thinking about Harding!
  7. Stay positive guys! Remember no news is good news
  8. Everyone still waiting to hear back, stay positive. Remember no news is good news!
  9. Stay positive guys. Remember no news is good news
  10. @senegalca @gbrown33 Will also be attending on 9/13/19! Submitted my completed app 6/6/19. Do you guys want to meet up the night before for an early dinner?
  11. I am a non Oregon resident, and my application was submitted on 6.12.19.
  12. Received an invite to interview, for 9/30/19, at about noon today by phone. I submitted by supplemental application on 7.23.19 and was verified the same day. If anyone on the 9.30.19 date needs a ride from the Charlotte airport I would be happy to help. I will be driving up the day before and passing through Charlotte.
  13. They shared 403 applicants in the rejection email I received last Friday. Good luck at your interview!!
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