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  1. I have officially concluded to go to UNE in June! I hope everyone has all the luck in getting into the programs they want!
  2. You can email admissions. They should be able to take your update!
  3. There will be in March after second deposit... super excited to meet all of my classmates
  4. I received it today, and whoever asked me when I was under review... I am not entirely sure... I sent my app in April when the cycle opened.
  5. They break you up in groups. Some people got done at like 1030. Some were done, like me at about 1 Pm. Safe to say if you get a flight out at about 3 pm, you should be all swell!
  6. Just received an Acceptance Phone Call! My first one! I am so excited to be given the opportunity to go here! I hope everyone has good luck with their interviews and be your best self!
  7. Hello I recently received my interview invite for the October 18th. For those that have gone, any tips regarding the interview. Are the questions primarily situation and behavioral based, and also is there a writing sample and was the question relatively difficult or more about yourself.
  8. You can apply to either Boston, Worcester, or Manchester, but you can only apply to one program.
  9. Because I was surprised on certain questions that they asked, I unfortunately do not want to disclose information that other people that aren’t on the forum won’t know. I feel I have given enough information in regards to the interview. Take “know your stuff about PAs” as much as you think it extends.
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