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  1. I was accepted today after interviewing today as well! I would love to connect with other students
  2. Hi! Was it after all your recommendation letters were attached and transcripts were attached?
  3. She didn’t say! She just said she knows there will be one ore more interviews and she told me to check back in which I actually emailed yesterday just to check back in! She didn’t email back but if she does I will let u know!
  4. Just wanted to let people know that I just emailed today asking about an update on my application after I submitted my supplication a little while ago and I was told that there were more interview dates! So good luck to all of us who are still waiting there is deff still hope!
  5. has anyone else heard from the waitlist? I'm trying to stay optimistic!
  6. Hi! Do you know where I could find the Touro Talk chats on thursdays? thanks for the info!
  7. just curious! after you submitted the waitlist form did you get a response from google forms showing that you submitted? I just want to make sure it went through bc I didn't get a copy of what I submitted like I did when we first submitted for the waitlist!
  8. Did you guys by chance hear anything from that email? I emailed a couple weeks before and she told me that it should be scheduled by end of September but I’m getting worried too =\
  9. Just to hopefully make everyone feel better! I also received an invite 8/19, and I didnt respond to the email, but I later emailed to follow up on when to hear back for scheduling and she said end of september!
  10. is anyone else having trouble accessing the link to the supplemental portal? The link says it is currently not working.
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