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  1. Has anyone tried calling the program about how many more interviews they have left ? Just curious!
  2. Awesome!! Congrats! when did you get your under review email? And when did you receive your interview invite email?
  3. Do y’all think they have anymore interviews?? I was looking forward for this one and has not received an invite yet
  4. Wow that’s really late in the day. Anyways, congratulations!!! when did you receive login credentials?
  5. Congratulations!!! When did you receive 'under review email' and the interview invite email?
  6. Anyone who received under review email in August received an interview invite yet??
  7. I received my login credentials on 07/15. But hasn’t received interview invite yet. I sent my gre scores laterI’m assuming that’s probably why.
  8. Has anyone tried calling the program about the status of the application? I received the ‘application complete’ email on 07/31 and nothing after that. Just wondering how many more interviews they have!
  9. Congrats and all the best!!!! Would you mind sharing your stats and when you received under review email from Texas Tech?
  10. I just got an email saying they are missing my supplemental application even though I finished it and paid $75as the fee. Anyone else facing the same issue?
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