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  1. Hi - I didn't see any option to reply individually so I wanted to address those who were kind enough to take time out of their schedule to offer help. It is greatly appreciated. Great advise on finding PAs and to get that exposure upfront to see the day-to-day (including mundane tasks) that is my goal in the next few weeks to get enough of a perspective vs reading online. I appreciate the Venn Diagram idea, at the moment I have a word doc I should upload here for others once it's finished. The main point there is to hold on loosely and account for 20% missed classes vs a tight schedule things will for sure change, or be delayed - no doubt. Coming from another industry it helps to hear Rev not regret the decision. I am sure he can relate coming from an IT field that there is a sense of emptyness that is difficult to explain working directly with technology/computers 95% of the time. Especially if your personality enjoys working with others. I understand every career/job has it's drawbacks and am super grateful of the realistic answers, these help. For me, trading flexibility and working toward a career that works with others, is stable financially and has an element of helping, outweighs being locked to a computer screen, working from home, pushing numbers. The ballistic movement is a good example, I 100% understand this decision would be to keep on my toes, keep moving towards the end goal and account for a lot of variables. The whole timeline is something that I would need to be mature about (~3 years -5 years). The benefit I do have is my clients are on retainer and require very little direct contact so I plan to design my week around the initiatives above up until I would actually get into a program. Sacrifice would be the name of the game, I've been long overdue to change courses and it's something I would take very seriously. These answers are a big help to get me more data and a realistic view of what's next - Thank you all. I really appreciate everyone's time and straightforward answers. It sped up my research efforts greatly and I am sure someone else in the future in my similiar shoes will find this specific thread of great value. Big Thanks Again
  2. Hi, I am currently 33 and own a small business (tech) that does pretty good and offers flexibility. I have been looking at something in the medical field for the past 1+ year, as I don't enjoy my day to day and do not consider it something I want to do for my whole career. I essentially do it out of financial necessity. Anyhow, Both physician assistant and physical therapy appeal to what I think would be great choices as I am looking to get out of the desk, work with people, move somewhat vs sit all day and lastly find a balance of helping while making a living. I am an active person, love to help and move - really the opposite of analyzing data and working alone 50 hours a week. It's a lot to organize and looks like I will have to account for a minimum of an extra year to handle all the pre-reqs as I lack a good amount of science (business courses). My few questions are: As all pre-reqs are different per school, could you shed some light on good starting points (EX: Bio + Chem with 1 lab)? Do you know any expedited ways to get into a masters of PA program with an unrelated bachelors degree like business? Advice on getting an informational interview with a local PA? I spoke with a physical therapist and that was very helpful but could not find anything related to physician assistant and would like to identify which is the better fit. Big thanks, I don't need to ask if I am too old I already wished I started earlier but it's good to read many have switched paths in their early 30s from unrelated professions.
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