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  1. Hi @MedIsLifePA - Really appreciate your insight, thank you! You made some great points to consider and in fact since the posted I managed to find a new specialty (Neurology) to shadow in a different region of the city. There was less direct input into software and much more patient interaction as we saw ~13 patients over 8 hours vs 12 patients in 4 hours (Primary Care experience). I actually saw the pro's/con's of both experiences but I won't lie I much preferred the Neurology setting and experience. Question if you could: How did you manage to shadow in an emergency environment? I reall
  2. Hi, I was fortunate to shadow one PA who was amazing, it was family medicine in a clinic 9-5 type of gig. She was very nice and transparent. In all honesty, there were parts of the job I did not feel were all that great for example, majority of the patient experience was amazing. Things that I wasn't sure about: Seemed like a good amount of computer work between patient's - one of the reason's I am pre-PA is to try to not be locked to a computer so much. The area was rough and there were some homeless patient's etc. so that was sort of eye opening and I noticed to be an e
  3. Hi - I am also in San Diego, did you manage to find a shadowing opportunity? I have not been able to get one after some phone calls and e-mails. Could you recommend any opportunities to Shadow or just speak with an PA's in the area? I would even be very grateful to have a coffee or quick call, if shadowing is not a possibility. thank you!
  4. Hi - I didn't see any option to reply individually so I wanted to address those who were kind enough to take time out of their schedule to offer help. It is greatly appreciated. Great advise on finding PAs and to get that exposure upfront to see the day-to-day (including mundane tasks) that is my goal in the next few weeks to get enough of a perspective vs reading online. I appreciate the Venn Diagram idea, at the moment I have a word doc I should upload here for others once it's finished. The main point there is to hold on loosely and account for 20% missed classes vs a tight
  5. Hi, I am currently 33 and own a small business (tech) that does pretty good and offers flexibility. I have been looking at something in the medical field for the past 1+ year, as I don't enjoy my day to day and do not consider it something I want to do for my whole career. I essentially do it out of financial necessity. Anyhow, Both physician assistant and physical therapy appeal to what I think would be great choices as I am looking to get out of the desk, work with people, move somewhat vs sit all day and lastly find a balance of helping while making a living. I am an active person, lov
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