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  1. Thanks for the replies. I asked for more monthly hours and a bonus, the offer is now for 130 hours/month which raises the annual salary considerably as well as a $5000 bonus which I will receive on completion of my initial 90-day training period. I live in upstate NY, so the cost of living is not comparable to NYC. I've spoken with a couple other EM PAs who are employed by this company and my offer is comparable with what they are offering in other states. ED jobs are hard to find as new grads and I know this hospital has a good reputation for training new grads in the ED, so I've decided to take the offer!
  2. Hi everyone, I received my first offer today after applying for what feels like a million jobs. The position is in emergency medicine. It's a hospital I worked in prior to PA school. They are offering me the following: $60/hour with a guarantee of 120 hours per month (equals out to $86,400 annually) 120 hours PTO annually and 40 hours long term sick annually. Malpractice and tail insurance as well as CME credits through the company's online learning institute. Benefits: medical, eye, dental and 401K with up to 3% match after a year of employment No reimbursement for licensing, DEA, or CME allowance as they provide CME credits through their online learning institute. I'm satisfied with the hourly rate, it's pretty on par with what I see in the AAPA salary report for NY new grads, but my question is - is this a good offer? The annual salary is quite low compared to the salary report for EM positions, but I believe that's due to the low number of monthly hours. I've asked for a signon bonus and I've asked to be guaranteed 140 hours per month as that raises my salary considerably, but I'm looking for opinions as I'm new at this and want to make sure I don't take the first offer I get just out of excitement to be offered a job. Thanks in advance!!
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