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  1. I received an acceptance letter in the mail today! Very exciting!
  2. Just an update, the interview was pretty laid back and everyone was very welcoming. It was nice to be in person! They said the decisions for the 31st group should come out around April 15th, so about 2ish weeks to hear back (hopefully that holds true)!
  3. I got an email with an interview invitation earlier today. Interview is Wednesday, March 31st!
  4. anyone have any new updates anyone?? Or has anyone heard from any friends?
  5. I got an email last night with an official acceptance
  6. The email sent out today said that invitations won’t be sent until late February with interviews beginning mid-late March
  7. I received my letter three days later...interviewed on Friday and got the email on Monday night.
  8. It was extremely fast! There were 15 at my session. It was very organized.... a lot of moving parts, but they did a great job with communication and the technology
  9. I received an email with their intent to accept last night! Not an official acceptance (those aren’t until January), but they said they were saving a seat for me. Has anyone else who already interviewed heard back yet?
  10. For those of you who interviewed last Friday, how was it?
  11. Got an email with an interview invitation earlier this evening!
  12. Has anyone heard anything regarding interviews?
  13. Once your individual interview was completed and all of your questions were answered in the general Q&A, you were free to leave. I was there for the full three hours, but several other applicants left once they finished.
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