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  1. I have not but was really hoping I would. Interviewed 10/21.
  2. I interviewed 9/27 at the miami campus and got that email as well, so to me it seems that there's no decision yet. Michelle also told us at least 4-6 weeks until we would get a decision. So it could be well before December 1st, too.
  3. Hi! So I did an AirBnB....I would attach the link but where I am, the wifi is slow. Look up "The Green Room" on AirBnB in Winston-Salem. Not my style at all but can't be picky. Only $100 for the night and about a 30 second walk from the school. Can't be beat and the owner is very accommodating. You are basically downtown, too. Also, I haven't actually slept in the bed yet because it is only 6 PM but it feels comfortable.
  4. i'm interviewing on Oct 21! CASPA submitted 7/15, supplemental submitted 8/1, emailed for interview 9/3. From CT so very unfamiliar territory, if anyone wants to meet up let me know!
  5. I only did the background check before I heard back. Nothing else.
  6. Hi everyone. My "receipt" email says allow for 8-10 weeks until the next email. With that being said I am going to hold off on contacting them for now since it has only been a month. They must have gotten a lot of apps so I do not think there is no need to worry (yet)
  7. Hey guys! So I applied July 18th, and got the "we are in receipt of your application email" on July 23rd. I also sent my GREs in on July 18th. I have not heard anything since. It has been exactly one month. I never have received "your application is complete and under review" email. Should I contact them tomorrow about this or do you think they are still processing since I applied mid-July? I don't think my email is the problem since I have heard back from other schools. Thanks!
  8. Hope this timeline helps people! CASPA sent 7/17 GRE received 7/19 Invited for Interview by phone and email 7/29 Told to complete CASper 7/30 Interview Thursday, 8/15 Waitlisted via email 8/21(email specified that you won't know where you are on the waitlist.) Good luck to everybody!
  9. Had the Thursday, August 15th interview, just received an email for the waitlist an hour ago. Kind of bummed, first interview, but no reason to give up hope! Also, I was driving back from the lab this afternoon where I just sent in my urine, and on my way home I got the email. Meaning, I got a decision regarding the waitlist before any of my paperwork was submitted (urine, fingerprints, etc.) I thought you got a decision once that was all said and done. Not sure if anyone is in the same boat, but I'm going to submit everything else tomorrow anyway (fingerprints.) Good luck everybody!
  10. Applied July 30th and sent data sheet in on the 29th. Received interview for Sept 14-15
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