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  1. Has anyone enrolled in the PA/MPH received information on registration for January?!
  2. I hope so!!! I’ve been waiting almost a month now, accepted Sept 17th!
  3. Has anyone who has been accepted received the email with deposit and enrollment information?!
  4. I emailed them about it earlier this week and they said they will get them out within a week or two but have been delayed due to a new system. We’ll have two weeks from the email date to submit the deposit.
  5. Got accepted to the PA/MPH program yesterday! They gave me til October 3rd to make a decision.
  6. Interviewed on Sept. 13/14th and was accepted yesterday for the PA/MPH! Wishing everyone the best of luck!
  7. Hey ya’ll! I’m flying in from Boston and get to D.C. around 545. I am planning to attend the informal meet and greet but am nervous about showing up late. I’m assuming since it’s optional that it’s okay to stop in anytime between 6-8 but wanted to see if anybody had a little more information (my nerves are obviously kicking in). I’ll be going there straight from the airport.
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