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  1. So I talked to Tim Braun today and he said that some emails went out last night and some emails will go out again tonight telling you about your application status on OUHSC. The person who you interviewed with should be calling you because they will be your faculty advisor at school. If nobody has heard from a particular staff member, then maybe that person is busy or out of town and have decided not to call at all and you will get your answer via email. Hope that helps!
  2. Mr. Braun called me at 10:23 this morning and left a voicemail but I haven’t had a chance to call him back. He didn’t say I was accepted in the voicemail but that he had exciting news for me and to call him back. I am gonna call him after work today and can let you know what he says.
  3. For those of you who have gotten calls, are they from OU Tulsa or OU OKC?
  4. I am calling OCU today to turn down my spot so hopefully one of you guys on the waitlist will get a call/email tomorrow!
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