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  1. I also got waitlisted here. With another program I was waitlisted at, they said that they would not be giving out the number since it is always changing, but they gave out their decisions very early and ultimately had a lot more accepted applicants withdraw their seats to attend other programs who gave out their decisions later. Not sure if it would be the same here, but figured I could pitch in from another waitlisted program's perspective.
  2. I didn't get the email, but I submitted my secondary app a few weeks ago. I only got a very generic application received email from graduate admissions the day after, nothing from Dr. Pearl.
  3. Same here, I'm really tempted to write a whole new essay specific to Davis, but I know on previous forums and on the How to Apply link they included, they want it to be similar to the CASPA essay, just cut down to 4000 characters rather than 5000
  4. Looks like to interviews for mid-November just went out! Got mine this morning.
  5. It will be online. I believe that we should get an email tomorrow with more information.
  6. I already had Savanna Perry's Interview Prep book, but there are only about 2-3 pages on group interviews. Based on last year's forum, we will receive a prompt next week and then build a response about 1 minute long. Afterwards we will supposedly get a few typical questions as well. And I'm from Humboldt County! It's about 5 hours north from San Francisco, and so many roads are closed because of the fires so I'm a little thankful for the virtual format this year.
  7. So excited! I'll be in the 10/13 interview group. I started another thread for everyone else also interviewing on 10/13 so that we can get in touch before interview day
  8. Hi all! Just wanted to get in touch and connect in hopes that maybe some of us will be in the same group on the interview day!
  9. Just got an email that I have been retained as a qualified applicant after the 7/15 interview session
  10. I emailed them last year about that and they told me that as long as you can prove that it was direct patient contact, then they will accept it.
  11. Just got an email saying to submit official GRE scores and take a survey. (I was at the October 25/26 session).
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