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  1. Yes this happened to me too! I think we are still waiting to receive another email to register
  2. I got an invitation to interview on 1/14 ! So excited
  3. That’s so awesome!! Congratulations:) did anyone else hear back who interviewed?
  4. I think it’s within 2-3 weeks if we’re accepted and if not they’ll let us know our status in March.
  5. Did anyone get confirmation that the paperwork we had to submit to confirm our interview was received ? Thank you!
  6. I think caspa keeps your GRE scores from the year before and you don’t need to resubmit
  7. congratulations!! That is so exciting! When did you submit your application?
  8. Does anyone know if there is a timeline on how long after you submit your application you will receive the learning modules. Also do they send the modules to everyone who applies? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone! Congratulations to the people who Got interviews. I submitted my GRE scores but never received confirmation that USC got them. Does anyone know how to confirm they arrived? Thanks
  10. Yes I applied ! I am just waiting for the people who are submitting letters of recommendation to submit for me and then I should be done.
  11. I haven’t heard anything. Have they sent out all the acceptances already?
  12. Just submitted this morning ! Barely made the deadline. Good luck everyone!
  13. If you would like to be recognized as part of the hometown scholars program how do you know which clinics qualify. Also is the only requirement to have your recommended email over the letter.
  14. Hi everyone! Congratulations to everyone who got an interview! I looked on csumb’s and in their application process section it mentions they only have people who are accepted and alternates fill out a cal state application. Does anyone know why they have us fill it out before the interview?
  15. I applied to USC, Loma Linda, Marshall B. Ketchum, Charles Drew, SCU, Monterrey Bay and a couple out of state schools but I have not heard anything for an interview at this time.
  16. Hello! I applied for the 2nd cycle for the class that starts in January 2021! Did anyone else apply?
  17. I just found this school and applied here too! Do you guys think a lot of people will be applying here? It looks like a cool school to go to! Their mission statement is awesome
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