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  1. I applied to USC, Loma Linda, Marshall B. Ketchum, Charles Drew, SCU, Monterrey Bay and a couple out of state schools but I have not heard anything for an interview at this time.
  2. Hello! I applied for the 2nd cycle for the class that starts in January 2021! Did anyone else apply?
  3. I just found this school and applied here too! Do you guys think a lot of people will be applying here? It looks like a cool school to go to! Their mission statement is awesome
  4. I still need to take microbiology, math and medical terminology. I have those 3 courses pending. However, my cGPA is 3.09 and my sGPA is 3.11 so I believe they are referring to my current GPA. I do not think it has anything to do with pending courses.
  5. Sure: cGPA: 3.09 sGPA: 3.11 PCE: over 10,000 hours as a case worker at County Jail, a CNA at children's hospital, a health services counselor at a group home for foster youth, a staff assistant at a psych facility, a sober companion/home health aide, a program assistant for high school students with drug addiction/alcoholism Community Service - about 800 hours working with homeless youth, advocating for foster youth and volunteering at a hospital GRE- 300 and analytical 5.0 LOR: A PA, an MD, an LCSW, a professor and a supervisor Shadowing: 70 hours urgent care PA, 24 hours MD of audiology, 8 hours PA at jail urgent care what are your stats?
  6. I got an email 2 days ago saying this: Thank you for your interest in the University of New England's PA program. The Office of Graduate Admissions has received your verified CASPA application for the entering class of 2020 and has completed a preliminary review. Your application is being held for additional review at a later date due to a lower overall GPA and/or BCP GPA. As we progress through the cycle you may receive notice of a change in status based on the competitiveness of the applicant pool at that time. Any status change notifications will be sent to the email provided on your CASPA application. Applicants are encouraged to update CASPA with any completed coursework.
  7. Hi everyone! I just sent in applications to schools and i am wondering if you guys think that I have a chance in being accepted and if you have any recommendations on how to go about the whole process! I hope everyone does well! my stats are: BA in sociology cGPA: 3.09 sGPA: 3.11 PCE: over 10,000 as a CNA at children’s hospital, a medical case worker at the loca County Jail, a health services counselor at a group home for foster youth, a staff assistant at a psychiatric facility, a home health aid, and a program assistant for kids with behavioral problems and drug addiction volunteer-about 500 hours as a tutor to homeless youth, an advocate for foster youth, and with COPE health scholars shadowing: PA at an urgent care for about 70 hours, Doctor of audiology for 24 hours, PA at the urgent care in county jail for 8 hours LOR: one from a PA, one from an MD, one from an LCSW, one from a professor and one from a supervisor GRE: verbal: 148 quant: 152 analytical: 4.5 My personal statement describes how I want to work with the homeless and underserved population please let me know if anyone has input! Thanks guy!
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