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  1. PA156

    HPSP and HSCP

    Thank you for your help @moleashish! I checked out the Facebook page and you're both right.. it does say 20 quotas for PA. I'm not sure why the medical recruiter in my area told me there were 0. He didn't seem too interested in helping me as I have emailed him twice following up with our phone call and haven't gotten a response. Is it appropriate to reach out to a different medical recruiter, or is there only one medical recruiter for each area? And how would I find a different medical recruiter? I'm very new to this process so I'm not sure what the next best step would be
  2. PA156

    HPSP and HSCP

    I am beginning school January 2020 with a graduation date of January 2022. I want to join the Navy as a PA upon gradation and have looked into both the HPSP and HSCP programs. I contacted the medical recruiter for my area who said that the Navy releases quotas for both programs in October for each year and that this year the quota was zero, meaning there are no spots available for either program. He said to check back in next October. I was discouraged when hearing this so I was wondering if anyone else received the same information? Is there anything I can do in the meantime rather than having to wait until next October to apply for the programs (with the hope that there are spaces available then)?
  3. Lol yeah same here!! I don't use FB enough to know even make a page, but if someone sets it up I would love to join
  4. I also interviewed on the 26th and got my acceptance call today!!
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