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  1. I called this morning out of curiosity and was told as of now, it would not effect the timeline as far as notification for acceptances/denials!
  2. I recieved a call for an interview this past Tuesday the 3rd, around noon. I am thrilled to have this opportunity, this is my dream school and program. Sorry I didn't post about it sooner
  3. I called yesterday and they said more than likely they will have decisions out by next Friday the 20th! If not then, it won't be until after the holidays, sometime in January.
  4. Just confirmed my interview time slot! Good luck everyone!
  5. Does anybody know how many people were invited for the online interviews this year? and how many people are accepted? Thanks!
  6. I just recieved an interview invite for Novemeber 6th! Anyone that has been through the interview process already have any tips or suggestions? Thanks!
  7. I thought they sent out a mass email, but I could be misinformed. There might still be hope for those who decline an interview.
  8. I received an interview invitation as well! This will be my first of the cycle! Good luck to all of you
  9. Has anyone recieved an interview invite yet? I heard they usually send them out this time of the month!
  10. I was waitlisted for an interview back in early July. Praying for an interview spot to open up! good luck to everyone!
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