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  1. I received an email around 9:30 pm last night that I was placed on the alternate list. An unexpected time, being so late at night!
  2. Congratulations! How exciting! what was the area code the call came from?
  3. Congrats! That is so exciting! What area code did the phone call come from?
  4. Hi! I received an invite yesterday for January 21. Not sure if there are any dates before that though. I’m thinking it is probably the first rounds because at the open house they said they start interviews in January. Hope that helps!
  5. I would love to meet up as well! I’ll be flying in Friday morning
  6. Just received the email confirmation! It will take place from 8am-5pm.
  7. I also received an interview invitation! If you use Gmail, be sure to check your "promotions" tab because that's where my email went! Best of luck to everyone who received an interview, and for those still waiting, they still have more interviews coming!
  8. My last name begins with M and I am not military nor a graduate of La Verne.
  9. I also received an interview invitation! Best of luck to everyone!
  10. Has anyone received an interview invitation yet? The website states that they send out interview invites in October for dates in November.
  11. I just went to the open house they had on Saturday! They send out interview invitations in mid November for a December interview for the applicants who submitted before sept 1 (early consideration). Then more interview invitations will go out starting December for January and Feb interviews. Then they notify of acceptances once everyone has interviewed.
  12. Yes, I also got an error message. But you should be able to log in with the info they emailed you using the boxes in the top right corner
  13. The only secondary questions for MBKU are through CASPA. You should receive an email with instructions to log in to the portal to pay a $75 fee
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