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  1. I just went to the open house they had on Saturday! They send out interview invitations in mid November for a December interview for the applicants who submitted before sept 1 (early consideration). Then more interview invitations will go out starting December for January and Feb interviews. Then they notify of acceptances once everyone has interviewed.
  2. Yes, I also got an error message. But you should be able to log in with the info they emailed you using the boxes in the top right corner
  3. The only secondary questions for MBKU are through CASPA. You should receive an email with instructions to log in to the portal to pay a $75 fee
  4. Yes, there are additional essay questions through the supplemental application
  5. I submitted 7/30, and hadn’t received a confirmation, so I followed up via email on Aug 13 to confirm if they received it. They emailed back on Aug 22 to say it was under review
  6. I believe they only review after their deadline which is oct 1, and then notify for interviews end of oct
  7. Good luck to everyone applying! Submitted my CASPA app 7/28, and was verified this morning 7/31!
  8. Hi all! Submitted CASPA application 7/28, verified this morning 7/31. Took CASPer yesterday 7/30. Best of luck to everyone!
  9. Submitted CASPA 7/28, verified this morning, 7/31! Now waiting on supplemental fee email.
  10. I had the same query! I've tried emailing admissions to find out but I haven't heard back. I will be getting an academic letter from my A&P professor, but they're on sabbatical until end of August. I have 3 professional letters, so I'm trying to decide whether to just submit now or wait until end of August when I can get my letter. Does anyone know if they are rolling? I went to the campus preview day in March and did not get a clear answer from faculty.
  11. Submitted CASPA 7/28, verified this morning, 7/31! Good luck everybody!
  12. I got this email too, and I am a student applying this year to matriculate in 2020. Hope you get in!
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