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  1. Congratulations!! Sooo exciting. I’m definitely interested in this. I was in the interview group for December 17th and received my acceptance call on December 20th!
  2. I will be traveling from Texas! I am arriving in Omaha on Thursday morning to ensure that if I have a delayed/cancelled flight, I have time to drive if I need lol. I am so excited! When are you planning to arrive in Omaha?
  3. See you there!! Are you in Omaha or traveling to Omaha?
  4. Thought I would start a thread for this cycle! Submitted and verified 10/1. Received an interview invite 10/14!
  5. Nothing here so far, but according to the website interviews invites are sent in late November!
  6. October 1st has come and gone....now we wait to be ranked The anticipation is killing me and it is only October 3rd.
  7. Did they mention anything about how many seats were left or how many interview sessions are left? TIA!
  8. Hello, I recently applied and wanted to hear from current students. What has the program been like? Pros and cons? How are the faculty and staff? Any info would be great!! TIA
  9. Ah I see, that is so frustrating! Well, at least you're still going to be considered and you have a chance to take it! And I'm assuming you've seen the latest email regarding the 90-day extension.
  10. They revoked the waiver from last year and are requiring the GRE for this cycle, unless you were referring to having a master's...
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