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  1. Earlier in the forum they said we wouldn’t be hearing back until late December at the earliest
  2. Did not interview but received a rejection email yesterday.
  3. Received the invite for supplemental application!!! anyone know how many of us get the supplemental?!
  4. If you interviewed, I would probably wait for the supplemental application and include updates on that
  5. I think so, too. Pacific is my top choice as well! Definitely feel like we are going to hear something tomorrow or next week. Just hoping it’s great news!!!!
  6. Have not heard back. Keep checking my spam because I’m afraid I’m missing something
  7. Congrats! Secondary application invites go out after interviews
  8. Hi everyone! How are your applications going? RDH for 5.5 years here. Applied to 7 PA schools schools and got 1 interview invite (next week)! Also feel that schools have no idea how much we do and need to know as dental hygienists. So glad to have found this forum
  9. Does anyone know when we are supposed to get the “more information” email with prompts and info for interview day? Cannot believe we are going to be there so soon
  10. This is for pacific univ in Oregon, right? Sorry I’m just trying not to get my hopes up since I haven’t heard anything yet
  11. So sorry.,... Did you have an interview?? I still haven’t heard anything
  12. I changed my flight, getting there on Saturday! Excited to be able to make it to the meet and greet. Definitely want to meet for coffee, too!
  13. Hi, everyone! Thanks for creating the thread. I will be attending the 10/28 interview but unfortunately won’t be able to attend the meet and greet because I’m getting in late on Sunday. I’m coming from Virginia! Where is everyone else from? Looking forward to meeting you all!
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