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  1. I also received the same email from an LIU recruiter about a month ago. I was also confused about the email and did not respond because I was unsure if the person deals with graduate school admissions.
  2. Hi guys! I also received an interview for January 10 this morning! I applied on 10/31
  3. I submitted just before the deadline and just received an email to submit the $75 supplemental fee, this means I can still be considered if I pay right? Let me know if any of you are in the same boat
  4. Has anyone heard for an online zoom interview? They stated on an update for the school that they would be sending out invitations starting end of October.
  5. There are questions with the supplemental!
  6. Considering that there has been multiple interview sessions and this school has rolling admissions, do you guys think it is too late to apply to this school?
  7. For those who have interviewed, how many applicants were at the interview session?
  8. Thanks you so much with providing me this information! I wish the best to you too and good luck with your interview!
  9. Congrats to everyone getting invites! For those who got invited when did you apply?
  10. Received an invite yesterday 8/28 and scheduled my interview for 11/11!
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