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  1. You’re so right I just emailed them now!! Thank you for the advice!
  2. Can anyone explain when the pre interview meet and greet is during the day? I have my Casper test at 2pm on the day of my interview with Chapman (545pm) Im sure I could make that work but I don’t want to miss the pre interview meet and greet. Any advice?
  3. I’m still waiting on my damn transcripts from SPRING to be processed with my genetics grade. Still haven’t been able to apply.
  4. Congrats !!This is great to hear!! How was the dynamic with meeting other students and having the group interview through zoom? Any advice for us on how to prepare other than the normal interview prep stuff?
  5. Hi congrats!! Do you have any advice regarding your interview experience? I'm wondering how its all going to work through zoom... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Was anyone here accepted last cycle that was a non-resident without any ties to Oregon? If so, can you share your stats and what you believe lead you to be admitted? I am out of state and debating whether I should apply given their strong preference for in-state applicants. I already have 14 schools I am applying to and this one was on my maybe list so I need help deciding if its worth it. I'd love to go here.
  7. Does anyone here know anything about this program accepting those from out of state? I am from California and debating against applying here because of the question on CASPA : "Based on your interest and prior experiences, describe how you will contribute to the improvement of healthcare in Nevada." I truthfully don't know if I plan on remaining to practice in Nevada after I graduate. I'm kind of open to considering anywhere I get in and then once living there seeing how I feel and if I love it enough to want to stay. I don't want to answer falsely but also don't want to pay to apply if my chance are close to none considering they might only be admitting those who are sure of a future as a PA in Nevada. Any advice?
  8. Can anyone answer this for me: Can I submit my app on caspa after Ive sent my GRE but it has not been received on CASPA? Also- does anyone know when this program usually fills their seats by? I feel so late in applying but its one of my top programs!
  9. Hi I messaged this email and it was undelivered. Can I still request this PA program prerequisite spreadsheet? My email is christine_anderson17@yahoo.com
  10. OK then you aren't saying what I thought you were saying. Someone above said that there were 98 alternatives that are partnered up with an accepted student based off similar stats, and you'd only get off the alt. list if that one person dropped their seat. Did you hear we were matched with accepted students based on similar stats though? Or what did you hear?
  11. Doesn’t that just seem like a lot of work to do? Find 98 people they want in a class... then find 98 more that each pair with one of the original list based on similar stats?! Like woah. I emailed someone there to ask details so maybe they’ll shed more light on it.
  12. that sounds ridiculous honestly...No one said that at my interview... so are you sure of this? He actually said this? That mean my acceptance off the alternate list solely depends upon 1 individual out of 98 withdrawing/declining?
  13. I am an alternate too! Not ideal but still very happy. Does anyone know how many alternates there are? Or what exactly it means that they are "not ranked"?
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