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  1. Congrats!! Can you share your stats and how you prepared for the interview? I have my interview in January, I had no clue they sent out acceptances anytime before March... You must be exactly what they are looking for!!! Congratulations again!! I hope I get to be your future classmate
  2. Hi everyone! I will be going to the Preview Day this upcoming Sunday and want to ask opinions on if it is best to go alone or ok to bring a friend/family member? Also, how to dress? Obviously professional but like business casual or suit up?? And if I do bring someone along should they be well-dressed as well? I know Im overthinking this but I want to be sure and see what everyone else thinks, or see what everyone else saw at the last Preview Day.
  3. Yeah how many have had interviews for EAST FALLS? Everyone’s posting about NJ or center city on other forums and I still have heard nothing from east falls.
  4. No way! You have an impressive amount of PCE among so many other awesome things. Good luck to you truly! Keep us updated on when you get in!
  5. Sure! Overall GPA: 3.96 Overall Science GPA: 4.0 PCE: 480 at time of app- about 650 now (PT aide) HCE: ~180 (PT aide volunteer and ER volunteer) Shadowing Hours: ~120 (PT, MD, PA) PA Shadowing Hours : 40 Community volunteer hours (Non-HC): ~280 Im from California
  6. Wow those are some outstanding stats! I’m bet you’ll get in, congratulations and good luck!
  7. Yeah I heard they don’t tell anyone until late March so maybe it should be okay to do that... I will do much better at a later interview date and I think that’s more important In this case...
  8. I submitted approx July 15, verified shortly after, but didn’t get the email that my application was actually ready for review by admissions until September 9, because I made a mistake and didn’t update my spring transcripts until end of August.
  9. Hey everyone, got my interview invite this morning. I need some advice... I am in a really tough semester right now and really would benefit from interviewing in January so I had more free time to prepare. Does anyone know if it’s more beneficial to interview as soon as possible? Like maybe the select people on a rolling basis but then just don’t inform anyone until March...
  10. Hey y’all! Did anyone get an interview invite yet? Also, did anyone have issues with transcripts from last spring or summer being updated? I’ve been freaking out because the admissions coordinator emailed me saying I had like a week before the deadline to get my transcripts in and update my classes to being finished as opposed to “in progress”. Luckily he gave me an extension, but I was worried it means this whole time my application has been thrown to the side as incomplete even though I submitted mid July
  11. When did you submit you application? If you don’t mind would you share your stats and any information on the interview ? Congratulations!! All our hard work as finally paid off!
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