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  1. I got the same email stating they are "unable to offer an interview at this time" but it does say they will continue to consider my application and I will be notified if I'm selected for an interview, so basically I think we're waitlisted for interviews lol but I'm pretty positive it was not an outright rejection.
  2. Sarah called around 9:45am, I had gotten a letter that I was on the pending list though on Friday, so I guess some seats are starting to open up because they were full after my interview. It feels like seats are opening up pretty quickly so don't lose hope!! Keep checking the available interview dates because my interview was originally for January 15th but I checked a few days later and there was a date available in October! Good luck!!
  3. Got my acceptance call this morning from the 10-30 interview!!! So excited!!
  4. I just checked the interview schedule again and I got my interview moved up from Jan. 15 to Oct. 30th!
  5. I just received an invite for an interview on January 15th! There was also a follow up email saying that seats are expected to be filled by the October 23rd interviews though
  6. I just got my acceptance email at 2:11pm from the Oct. 3rd morning interviews!!!
  7. Yes its me!! No I haven't heard anything yet, been checking my email every five minutes lol. Have you?
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