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  1. I was placed on the waitlist this morning as well! And I think roughly give or take 200-225 applicants were interviewed @maielloc
  2. Hi guys, Has anybody asked when they planned on finalizing the class? Or when they plan on giving students who have interviewed a status update?
  3. That’s so awesome! Congrats @Ale15Guz! Thanks for letting me know!
  4. Hi guys! Has anyone recently received any calls for acceptance?
  5. Hi friends, Has anyone that has already interviewed not heard back or has been rejected?
  6. Those who recently received invites, what were your stats? And congrats on receiving invites!
  7. Does anyone know if it would be too late to apply given that there has been several rounds of interviews?
  8. Has anyone received a rejection after interviewing?
  9. Congratulations on your acceptance to your top program! When did you hear back from Chapman for a seat acceptance?
  10. Hi guys! Congrats on the many who received invites! Those who received invites, what were your stats?
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