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  1. Wait what... So what happens to the people that applied for this cycle? Are they planning on letting us know or refunding us our application fees? I was going to be sending in my supplemental application with my application fee soon.
  2. Is anyone still waiting to hear back after their interview?
  3. I interviewed o 8/27 and still haven’t heard back yet
  4. Has anyone else heard anything after their interview?
  5. What time did you get the acceptance? And was it by email or phone call? sorry, I interviewed the same day and I’m super nervous lol. But congratulations on your acceptance!!
  6. I spoke with Deidra on Friday. She said we should be receiving an email on Monday 8/10 with instructions and a confirmation on date and time of our interviews. She said the interviews will be held the week of 8/17 (next week)
  7. cGPA: 3.21 sGPA: 3.01 Post-bacc GPA: 3.84 (45 credits over 1.5 years) Last 60 GPA: 3.72 GRE: 311, 152 verbal, 159 quantitative, 4.0 writing PCE: 2060 as a CMA for dermatology, 200 as a CMA for pediatrics HCE: 3000+ as a medical receptionist LOR: 3 MD, 1 PA, 1 professor I explained my low cumulative GPA in my personal statement that I had 4 close family members be diagnosed and subsequently pass away all within the same year (during my sophomore and junior year).
  8. I also just received my rejection email. Bummed, but not surprised. I wish you all the best of luck and thank you for all the positivity this forum has brought!
  9. I guess I’ll introduce myself as well. I’m also a mom... of a good boy with 4 paws, floppy ears, and a wet nose! and I’m living in North Carolina.
  10. Did everyone get an email about an interview invite early this morning? Or are they still sending them out?
  11. Does anyone know how long they give out interview invites? Like is it possible to receive one by the end of the day today? Sorry, I’m getting nervous.
  12. After looking at last year’s thread, it looks like they didn’t start reaching out to anyone for interviews until the 1st or 2nd week in July
  13. Yeah I sent my app out 5/30 and just got the email about the fee missing like few mins ago so I have no idea if I made priority I was wondering this too. I submitted like 5/7 and CASPA officially fixed their errors and final verified on 5/19. But they didn’t get the supplemental fee until the first week of June. So did We not meet the priority deadline?
  14. It actually took quite a while for them to send out supplemental applications. I think I got mine 2 weeks after applying
  15. Did you end up reaching out to them about this? I'm planning on applying this cycle too and was wondering the same thing. It says the test won't be available until May 2020 so I'm wondering if it's a requirement and how it would effect our application times.
  16. Does anyone know of any schools that offer Biochemistry or Genetics online that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?
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